What does it cost to join?
Membership dues are $15 for the Girl Scout year which runs from October 1 through September 30. In addition, the troop may set a dues amount to be collected on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly. Girls, along with their leaders and parents, decide how much and how often they will pay dues to the troop treasury. Troop dues typically cover supplies, badges, patches and field trips.
What do the $12 Membership dues cover?
Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) annual membership dues are $15. GSUSA, the national organization uses the $15 to pay for accident insurance for members, program research, new resources, training and limited services to local councils.
Does my daughter need a uniform?
Girls are NOT required to have uniforms, however all registered members are entitled to wear them. Girl Scouts wear uniforms show their pride in belonging to the preeminent organization for girls.
Where do I buy uniforms and other Girl Scout merchandise?
We have three convenient ways to shop! Visit one of our three council shops, order by mail, phone or fax.
Of all of the activities available to my child, why Girl Scouts?Of all of the activities available to my child, why Girl Scouts?
Girl Scouts understands that girls have unique needs that are best met in a program designed specifically for them and delivered in an all-girl setting. Research tells us that a girl's leadership blooms when she's among other girls, away from school pressures, social cliques and boys. It's then that she is in a place where she can be herself and take on new challenges. All Girl Scout activities are girl-led, where each girl learns by doing, and the learning is cooperative, not competitive. Adults mentor girls and model skills, behaviors, relationships and careers that girls can emulate.

Girl Scouts has developed an exciting model that meets every one of this needs-it's called the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE).  Everything girls do in Girl Scouting is infused with the GSLE, which shows girls how to discover who they are and what they stand for, connect with vibrant and diverse peers in their own neighborhoods and around the globe, and together take action to make a difference in the world, inspiring and advocating for others along the way. The GSLE identifies fifteen exciting outcomes/benefits for girls, all of which propel girls toward becoming the exceptional women they were born to be.
I want my child to have the very best Girl Scout experience. How can I help make this possible?
There are many ways you can help. Sure, the girls are first in Girl Scouting, but as the adult members can attest, there's fun in it for adults, too! A successful Girl Scout year depends on involved parents. Here is a list of ways you can help. Don't limit yourself to this list. If you see a way you can be helpful, let your troop leader know. We encourage dads to get involved too! Volunteer opportunities with Girl Scouts grow adults that are strong and wise.

  • If your daughter is part of a troop you can:
    • Sponsor a troop through your business, church, school or civic organization. Sponsors can provide almost anything, from a meeting place, money or a van for a field trip.
    • Attend one or two field trips and help with the transportation.
    • Buy groceries for camp outings or agree to bring a meeting snack once a year. Talk to other parents about doing the same. Help organize donations to offset the troop expenses.
    • Offer to do the troop phone calls, copy or translate materials. Any skills you have can help the troop!
    • Help with a Girl Scout cookie booth sale.
    • Be a parent helper at one or two meetings a year. You can help provide activities, serve as a consultant on try-it’s or badges or volunteer to be a program resource for the troop.
    • Attend all parent meetings.
    • Help by being the cookie parent (a job many dads enjoy!), treasurer, or take the council's outdoor training and be the camp-certified person for your daughter's troop.
    • Talk to your troop leader and let her know you're willing to help and find out how you can contribute to the troop (for example, offer special skills you may have such as first-aider or lifeguard).
    • Just do it. Join the troop leadership team! Take an hour a week and you will enjoy watching her grow as a leader, as a member of the team and as a girl. Sure, the girl comes first in Girl Scouting, but as the adult members can attest, there is a lot of fun in it for grown-ups, too.
  • If your daughter is registered individually:
    • Take time with her to plan the events and workshops available on the website that is best suited to her interests, goals and abilities. You can also become involved at the local level-planning or participating in special events in which girls in troops and girls registered individually can have fun together.

When do I need to purchase additional insurance and how do I do it?
Anytime you have non-members participating in a Girl Scout activity and anytime you have Girl Scouts participating in an event that is more than 3 days and 2 nights.  Go to  http://www.mutualofomaha.com/girl_scouts_of_the_usa/forms.html      for more information on the plans available.  Print out the form and send the form and check written out to GSNIM , to your local service center or mail it to the South Bend Service Center.
The facility that we are doing a Girl Scout Activity at has asked for a Certificate of Insurance.  How do I get one?
Fill out the Certificate of Insurance request form, found in the Verb or the forms section of the website, and return it to your local service center or mail to the LLC at least 2 weeks prior to your event.
Some one got hurt at a Girl Scout function and needed to see a Doctor or went to the emergency room.  What do I do?
Fill out an Incident/accident report form, found in the Verb or website forms section.  If the person injured was a Girl Scout or Non-Member covered under insurance, please also fill out a Mutual of Omaha claim form.  The injured person or their parent if a child, must fill out the first section.  The person in charge of the Girl Scout event must fill out the second part.  If the Girl Scout Volunteer in charge of the program or their daughter was the one to get hurt, a secondary or assistant Volunteer from the activity must fill in the Girl Scout representative portion.
What do girls need to do to earn the Bronze or Silver Award?
Complete a Journey and an Award take Action Project.   You can find all the information in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting or on the GUSA website: http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_central/insignia/highest_awards/index.html
What are the pre-requisites to the Bronze and Silver award?
Completing a journey including earning all of the awards associated with it.  REALLY – JUST THE JOURNEY – nothing else.
Who approves the Bronze and Silver Award and what paperwork is necessary?
The Girl Scout volunteer working with girls on the Bronze and Silver award approve the award.  No council level approval is required.  Please have girls submit the Bronze or silver award final report form to you local service center so that we can track girls earning the award and so that they can be honored at the yearly girl awards ceremony.
What is the Girls Voices survey?
GSUSA’s Girl Scout Research Institute has developed an on line survey system.  This will help us determine how girls are developing the 15 outcomes.  All girls and volunteers who work with girls are encouraged to register for the survey.  You will take a short registration survey.  Then periodically during the year, you will be emailed a link for a survey that will measure your Girl Scout Leadership experience.  Please register and respond to the survey when you receive it. www.girlscoutsvoices.org
My daughter has a friend that is not a Girl Scout, but wants to come to summer camp with her.  Is that ok?
Yes, all girls are welcome to participate in Girl Scouting in whatever pathway suits them.  Girls do not have to be in a troop or be involved in Girl Scouting in any other way to come to camp.
My daughter is no longer in a troop, can she still sell Girl Scout cookies?
Yes, contact Connie Frederick at the LLC for more information on howto be a part of our Cookie Sale.
I got a letter saying that my troop or myself owes money to the Council for a product program (cookies or nuts).  However, I deposited all the money that was owed.  What should I do?
Please call Connie Frederick at the LLC.  If you got this letter, then our records do not match.  Please contact Connie right away to work out the situation.
Can we bring a camper for additional sleeping?
Campers are allowed, though there are no hookups for these kinds of vehicles. Please check with the site manager for parking restrictions.
Can we roast marshmallows, hot dogs in the fireplace?
We do not allow this kind of cooking activity in the indoor fireplaces due to the residue that is left by food in the fireplace that makes cleanup difficult.
Do we bring our own firewood?
Due to the threat of the emerald ash borer, we ask that no firewood be brought from anywhere for use at our properties.  Firewood will be provided and is included in the rental fee. 
Are there actual bedrooms, or one large room for sleeping?
There are various kinds of sleeping accommodations at our properties.  Please call the site reservation administrator at 800-283-4812 with questions.
What is provided for cooking and cleaning?
Each of our camps has different items available.  Please contact the site manager at the camp you will be using to determine what is provided at that site. 
Who do I talk to about using the climbing wall, high and low ropes courses or other activities?
If you are with a Girl Scout group, click here for more information on the activities available and here for the reservation form. Currently, our insurance company does not allow use of the climbing wall or the ropes courses for any group other than Girl Scouts groups. Groups can use the waterfront, archery or other areas, if they provide a facilitator with proper certification. Please contact the camp registrar for reservations as well as camp policies.
What is the charge to rent the boats?
How far in advance can we make a reservation?
For Girl Scout groups, one year in advance.  For non-girl scouts groups 6 months in advance.
How is Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana funded?
GSNI-M receives funding from United Ways; grants, corporate and individual donors; special events; and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
How can I donate?
Click here to donate onlineor send your donation to any one of our service centers in Fort Wayne, Logansport, or South Bend.
What is the Family Partnership Campaign?
The Family Partnership Campaign is a way for adults, volunteers, and parents to show their belief in and support of Girl Scouting by making a financial contribution.
How do I sign up for training?
There are two ways to sign up for training; the first is to fill out a Learning Opportunity registration form, found in the forms section of the VERB or www.gsnim.org   That can be mailed, faxed, or dropped off to any service center.  The other way is to sign up online.  Go to the calendar of events, choose the session you wish to take, click on it and then go to the adult learning registration form. 
Where can I get a copy of the Volunteer Application?
It is available in the Forms section of the VERB or on the Website in the Forms section.  One can also be requested at any service center or from your CDM.
Why do I have to take so many trainings?  I have a busy life- can more be online?
We take pride in providing our volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls.  In some areas, Red Cross First Aid/CPR are available on line.  That leaves the Grade Level Basics, Trip Planning Basics and Outdoor Basics training that need to be completed as a face to face training.  These learning opportunities do not need to be completed all at once.  By attending group trainings you have a chance to meet other volunteers both new and experienced.  It is a great opportunity to network with others and to share tried and true activities.
What does it take to be a leader?
Do you want to make a difference in the lives of girls?  Then you are headed in the right direction!  Just contact one of our local service centers or the Learning and Leadership Center in Fort Wayne and tell the person answering the phone you want to be a leader.  They’ll connect you to a staff person from our Membership Team who will send you a volunteer application to complete and return to us.  You are asked to go through an interview and a reference and background check before you can be recommended for approval.
Where do I find a listing of dates, locations and times of adult learning opportunities?
Adult learning opportunities are listed on the GSNIM website under the For Volunteers tab.  (I’m not sure if this is where they will be listed on the new website though.)