Adult Recognitions
Learn what awards and recognitions are available to Girl Scout volunteers.

How to Nominate a Volunteer for an Award
Learn how to request a Trained Leader ID Pin, Years of Membership Pin, Years of Service Pin and how to nominate a fellow volunteer for the Volunteer of Excellence Award, Appreciation, Honor, Thanks Badge or Thanks Badge II Awards.

Suggestions on Incorporating Badges, Field Trips and Other Girl Scout Traditions into Your Journey
Learn where to find suggestions for badges, trips ideas and other Girl Scout traditions that would enhance the Journey experience.

Where to Find Online Learning Resources
Learn where to find valuable resources for the volunteer on the GSNIM website.

VERB  (Volunteer Essentials Resource Book)
This tutorial explores the essential resources needed for the Girl Scout volunteer to carry out her role with the organization.

Three Processes for Girl Scout Volunteers
When you use the 3 Processes, you'll find that volunteering with Girl Scouts is easier - and more fun!  When you see how well girls can lead, you can relax and enjoy the process.  Remember: it's the journey, not the destination, that benefits girls the most.

Take Action
All girls in Girl Scouts participate in Take Action projects. This short tutorial is a great way for girls, volunteers and parents to learn more about what makes up a Take Action project.

Girl Scout Jeopardy
Try your hand at Jeopardy and see how well you know the new policies for the 2014-15 Girl Scout membership year.

Leading a Girl Led Troop
Evaluate your skills in leading a girl-led troop.

Take the Girl Scout Challenge
Try your hand at completing this challenge of various Girl Scout trivia, quizzes and other engaging games.  You might even learn a thing or two!

It's Time to Talk Safety
Read through the 12 Girl Scout safety guidelines and check out the adult-to-girl ratio chart.

Managing Troop Finances
Learn the procedures for opening a troop bank account and reporting troop finances.  Also learn a few troop money management tips.

Money Earning Basics
Learn how to plan an additional money earning project with your troop.

Tips & Advice for the Multi-Level Troop
Having a multi-level troop can offer some benefits to Girl Scouts but also might come with a few challenges.  Learn tips and advice for leading multi-level troops.

Don’t Wait! Make the Call. Report Child Abuse or Neglect
Do you suspect a child is suffering from abuse or neglect? Did you know in Indiana and Michigan it is mandatory that you report child abuse or neglect? In Indiana, call 800-800-5556. In Michigan, call 855-444-3911. For more information on making the call and what to expect, view these informational videos.
Reporting in Indiana (Note: This video takes several minutes to load. Please be patient.)
Reporting in Michigan