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Whether you’re stocking up on snacks or looking to dig into your favorite magazines, our Fall Product Program, Treats n' Reads, is a great way for our Girl Scouts to learn some pretty important business skills while earning some pretty essential startup money for their troops and/or adventures!

For Troop Leaders: Important (and delicious) things to know

In-person Fall Product sale begins Sep. 28 and ends Oct. 21.

Leader Guide, Permission Slips & More
59 Minute Challenge!

The 59 Minute Challenge is a fun way to help girls learn how to sell fall products. It’s also a great way to help increase sales for those who have sold for years. The best way to host a 59 Minute Challenge is with your troop or service unit. Schedule an evening for each of the girls to bring their list of contacts along with a cell phone to make their calls. Here is a testimonial from one leader in GSNI-M that had success! 

"To decrease nervousness we offered each girl a script to follow. When a girl made a sale she would ring the cowbell we had on hand. Regardless of what others were doing, they were encouraged to stop and cheer for anyone who makes a sale. It truly added to the excitement of the day. 

Following the event, you can have a sundae party to celebrate, offer giveaways, or celebrate any way you think the girls will appreciate for their hard work. 

I can’t remember the numbers for the event we held, but there were many sales made, and each girl had a great time. It was fun to see the salesgirl emerge despite them arriving all nervous and shy. It was a great way to put them at ease during their attempts to sale. 

Don’t like cold calling? No problem! We encouraged parents to call loved ones and let them know the date and time frame calls would be made. This allowed for more people to be available while the calls were being made. 

Good luck to you and your troop as you plan your own 59 minute challenge!" 

Rhonda Graves 
Product Manager Community 205 

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