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Outdoor Basics

Sat May 19, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Camp Logan
Adult Fee:

Join this hands-on, small group learning experience to sharpen your outdoor skills. Focuses on outdoor skills, fire building, outdoor cooking and providing a positive outdoor experience for girls.

Required before the first camping, fire building or outdoor cooking adventure.

It is recommended to complete GS101 and Trip Planning Basics before Outdoor Basics. They can be completed online and found under the Volunteer tab, Volunteer Learning.

Dress for the weather. It is always suggested to dress in layers. No open-toed shoes. Insect repellent is suggested. This training takes place out-of-doors. Bring a dunk bag with boilable plate, bowl, cup and silverware. Please no paper plates. A dunk bag is a lightweight mesh bag which will hold your washed dishes and table wear. A lingerie bag with a string handle works well.

Optional overnight stay before Outdoor Basics for an additional $5. Arrive no sooner than 6:30 pm on Friday evening. Stay the night in Webster House on mattresses on the floor. Eat dinner before you arrive. An evening snack and Saturday breakfast are included. Outdoor Basics will begin the next morning at 9 am.

Dress for the weather. This session takes place outdoors. Check out registration link for more details.