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TechGirlz Podcasting Workshop

Thu Nov 08, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Brookmill Apartments Community Room Map
Cadette (6-7-8)

TechGirlz is offering a free podcasting workshop for middle school girls Girls will learn how to create an effective podcast as they communicate stories, news reports, and information. They will learn how to make their stories engaging and how to use sound to put their listeners into the aural environment of their story via music, sound effects, or sounds gathered from the environment of their story. This workshop familiarizes girls with GarageBand software and will give them the chance to create a simple, personal podcast recording. The event is free and pizza will be served. Meet in the Community Room and park in the office parking lot. Girls are asked to bring headphones, a tablet, and a microphone, if they have them. 

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