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GSNI-M Preferred Banks

GSNI-M is working on establishing relationships with banks that will accommodate its needs as a Girl Scout council. Banks that enter into an agreement will be a GSNI-M preferred bank.

Once preferred banks are established, new groups will open their account at a preferred bank, if there is one in their county. Groups at a preferred bank will enjoy a customer experience that is consistent across branches and streamlined recourse if issues come up.

Additionally, group accounts at preferred banks are not required to submit monthly bank statements with their Group Financial Record (due by July 31, 2018 for September 2017 – June 2018 information).

For more information on the reporting process for groups, please refer to the financial policies in Volunteer Policies.

Our goal is to have enough banks that cover our council’s 22 county jurisdiction. Currently, the following are preferred banks:

  • First Bank of Berne
  • First Source
  • Horizon
  • Lake City Bank
  • PNC
  • Salin Bank