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  • Celebrate 100 years of Girl Scout cookies!

    From the very first bite, Girl Scout cookies have held a special place in American's hearts. Let's celebrate these amazing cookies and all of the great experiences they provide for girls!

  • Tune In To See Girl Scouts Build A Better World

  • Girl Scouts & Netflix Are Joining Forces In A Big Way!

  • Girl Scouts to participate in 90th Anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

  • Do You Know What Makes Your Day Great?

    Today I walked into the office with phone calls to make and meetings to set up. My name is Jill La Fountain, I am the Director of Advancement here at GSNI-M and I have the pleasure of seeking investors, people like you, to help support the mission of Girl Scouts.

    Every day I receive mail but the most wonderful mail we receive here at the Council is from the girls who are impacted by our donors. This morning, I had the pleasure of opening a very large thank you note from Dakota, a girl who was able to experience camp because of some financial assistance available through the council, made possible by donors. This note was large, colorful, and a work of art! It made my heart swell looking at each piece of her handmade mosaic glued on the paper to form the words “thank you!” Dakota clearly took a long time to make this and think about how special her time was at camp. Her handwritten note, pictures of friends, and the incredibly decorated envelop reminded me of why it is so important to keep reaching out to people and share with them why Girl Scouts continues to have a positive impact in our community. Dakota knows!

    There is not much more that makes a donor happy than to see the impact of their investment so I wanted to make sure to share this with you and join Dakota in saying thank you for making girls dreams come true!

    Our donors are people, like you, who believe that every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout. Our donors are Girl S...

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  • This Is How We S'more—Happy National S'mores Day!

    We’re excited to announce that today, National S’mores Day, we’re celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies by introducing the new Girl Scout S’mores™ cookies. That’s right! We’re combining two iconic Girl Scout traditions—s’mores and Girl Scout Cookies, joining legendary classics like Thin Mints® and Caramel deLites®!

    And it gets even better! As a nod to the different ways people “s’more,” the new variety includes two versions: a crispy graham cookie double dipped in a crème icing and enrobed in a chocolatey coating and a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling. The cookies will be the first new addition to the Girl Scout Cookie lineup since 2015.

    Now that we’ve told you how we s’more, we want to know—how do you s’more? Yesterday we asked our Facebook and Instagram fans the same question and we collected our favorites:

      Our Scout doesn't like hers toasted at all! Loves the campfire and songs, then pops the "raw" marshmallow right into her mouth.....yum! – Jeanne L. We put a roasted marshmallow between 2 Thin Mints. We also use Samosas & Tagalongs! So gooooood. – Autumn T. Charred and with a peanut butter cup! – Robyn S. We got a book out of the library all about s’mores with tons of recipes with different spins on s’mores. But we didn't do a single one! Turns out we are s’more purists. All we want is marshmallow, chocolate & graham crackers! – Shoshana K....

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  • Six Girl Scouts Earn Gold Award Through Community Service Projects

    Six girls in the Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana council earned the prestigious Gold Award in a ceremony Sunday, July 31, 2016, at First Baptist Church of Warsaw. The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, recognizing girls who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through remarkable Take Action projects that have sustainable impact in their communities – and beyond. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Gold Award.

    The girls and their projects include:

    Anastasia Kelsey – Anastasia partnered with LaPorte High School agriculture students, FFA and others on the “Plant a Tree” project. The goal was to beautify the high school campus by cutting down dead ash trees, grinding up the stumps, and planting a variety of new trees to lessen the effect of future pest epidemics.

    Dana Kilbourne – Dana’s project was to make the Prairie Vista Elementary School entrance more welcoming. With help from volunteers, she power-washed the bricks and sidewalks, painted paw prints on the sidewalk, repaired and painted benches, and painted two poles to honor the National Blue Ribbon School award.

    • Guendolyn Mark – Guendolyn got the idea for her project after a Robotics Team visit to a sensory room. This is a place where people who have trouble communicating and get stressed can go to calm down. She worked with engineers and other students to design a sensory room for use by special education students....

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  • Hear It From a Girl Scout: From Gold Award to Internship

    In collaboration with Alcoa Foundation, Girl Scouts of the USA has provided six Girl Scouts since 2013 with the Alcoa Chuck McLane Scholarship, which is available to Gold Award recipients who complete Gold Award projects related to science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). Kaitlyn Kanis of Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana received the Alcoa Chuck McLane Scholarship in 2013 and is now an intern at Alcoa Lafayette Operations. Check out her story and what she has to say about her experience in Girl Scouts.

    Tell us about your STEM-related Gold Award project and your experience in Girl Scouts.

    For my Gold Award, I chose to complete a project that incorporated an environmentally friendly solution to a major problem in my community. Growing up, I was very athletic, and our town had a very well-organized Little League system and a beautiful community park where we could play. However, the mosquito population was about enough to prevent members of the community from attending games or making use of the park, which is in a very wooded, wet area. I also grew up spending my summers living at a state park near my house because my parents volunteered for the Department of Natural Resources, and the time I spent here instilled in me a desire to conserve our resources and tr...

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  • Girl Scout To Give Gift To Etna Green In Honor of Volunteer Firefighter

    A bench honoring a longtime Etna Green firefighter was recently presented to the town council by Girl Scout Morgan Ousley, Troop 10068, near warsaw for her Gold Award project.

    The 17-year old Warsaw Community High School student decided to construct a plastic bench in tribute to her great-grandfather, Claude “Red” Davis, a long-time volunteer firefighter and community advocate, and her great-grandmother Betty Davis, who raised not only her own children but also her grandchildren, and was loving and giving to her neighbors and community as well.

    Morgan presented the idea for her Gold Award project to the Etna Green Town Council many months ago.  The council approved and Ousley began collecting plastic bottle caps and lids.  She collected approximately 400 pounds of plastic by putting cardboard donation boxes out for community donations.  The caps were ground into fine particles, melted down and then poured in a mold to create the bench.

    She hopes her project helps prove to the community that a change in habits can have a broader impact.  Repurposing plastic from bottle caps not only reduces solid waste reaching the area’s landfill, it produced a comfortable bench that is also weather resistant and maintenance free.