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Special Announcement!

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We are happy to announce that not only are the camps starting to thrive and bloom with spring, but some of our buildings have gotten new names! We are happy to share those names with you and hope that you will start to use them in your troop discussions about visiting camp! Here are the new names:

Camp Soni Springs

The multi-purpose center will now be known as The Shawadasee Lodge in honor of Camp Shawadasee.

Camp Ella J. Logan

The dining hall will now be known as The Lodge. The new troop house will now be knows a The Singing Hills House in honor of Camp Singing Hills. The Singing Hills House has two sides, each available for reservation by a troop. Those sides will be known as Tanglewood and Tuliptree.

Anxious to see The Singing Hills House? You can stop out at Camp Logan on Saturday, May 6. An open house of the building will be available between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. No RSVP is necessary. There will also be opportunities before and after the Adult Recognition on May 21.

Is your troop looking for a way to celebrate our new building? Check out our gift registry for great ideas of ways you can contribute something to our new building. You can purchase online, find the registry at any Target store, or print off the registry and find something similar at another store. All gifts are appreciated, but please include a gift receipt just in case!