I can't wait to
Be a dancing machine
Be the best picture-taker ever
Be a spy on a mission
Be a hula-hooping queen
Be a Girl Scout

If you love science, art, sports, or just telling stories, you're ready for Girl Scouts.

At Girl Scouts, girls have new experiences that give them that super-excited, jumping, giggling, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. Experiences that get you so excited about your future that you can hardly wait.

A year with us will be filled with:

  • new friends
  • tons of fun
  • and more "wow" moments than you've ever imagined.

We design activities to teach girls about themselves and their world. A year with us is filled with the kind of moments she just can't wait to tell everyone about.

These are some of the amazing things Girl Scouts do today:

  • Turn ordinary household items into robots
  • Convince the mayor to install a swing for special-needs children in the park
  • Hike the Appalachian trail

You can be:

Artists Fearless
Awesome Funny
Confident Scientists
Detectives Stars
Explorers Superheroes