Veteran’s Day Celebration at Perry Hill Elementary

By Guest Blogger Cöleen Amorini
At the Veteran’s Day Celebration at Perry Hill Elementary, Girl Scout Troops 20046 and 00302 presented the opening and closing Flag Ceremonies while the Fort Wayne Police Pipe and Drum Brigade played as the girls marched in and out.  There were too many veterans there for me to count it was overwhelming.  It was a child-led program from the kindergartners singing a song in the beginning to three 5th grade essay winners at the end.  The thing that stood out most to me, is when the Girl Scout troops past by the veterans both times with the American Flag, the veterans stood if they could and saluted the flag.  It was awe-admiring.  I am thankful to the administrators at Perry Hill for asking us to be part of such an amazing experience.  We would not be here today without our soldiers and our veterans.


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