What’s Happening: National GS Cookie Day!

Teen Vogue has an awesome interview with twenty-year-old supermodel Karlie Kloss, who will be walking in countless runway shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and also celebrating the first-ever National Girl Scout Cookie Day!

An excerpt of the interview:

What did you learn from being a Girl Scout?
“I learned life lessons that I still use today. There’s a project that I started—Karlies Kookies—and it’s a perfect example of lessons that I learned then. Goal setting, managing money, all of that comes into running a business. When you’re selling cookies as a seven-year-old girl, you learn that in a fun way. I think the same can be said for my sisters, I think that’s why we’re all hard-working girls.”
You’re quite the cookie entrepreneur. Did your history as a Girl Scout have anything to do with that?
“Absolutely. Everybody enjoys a cookie. Everybody is very happy to support Girl Scouts in America. The cookies are delicious, and it’s just a great way to support young girls. For me, the influence that the cookies have had on my own small business is that selling cookies are a great way to give back. I’m using the same concept with FEED. It’s a way for me to continue the lessons that I started in Girl Scouts. I’ve turned it into a real business.”

Time Out New York Kids shares the excitement of National Girl Scout Cookie Day, and the Girl Scout Cookie Day truck where New Yorkers can go for a free sampling and the opportunity to stock up on their favorite varieties there, or via the cookie finder online.

Girl Scouts of the USA, the preeminent leadership development organization for girls, visited the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square yesterday to promote the upcoming National Girl Scout Cookie Day. Girl Scouts of the USA has declared February 8, 2013 National Girl Scout Cookie Day to celebrate the world’s largest girl-run business and the real purpose of the $790 million cookie program: to teach girls five essential skills, including goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics, and people skills. In honor of the occasion, Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, rang the Closing Bell.

Colorado’s CBS4 reports that the Girl Scouts will be celebrating the sweetest time of year as National Girl Scout Cookie Day is almost here. Amanda Kalina and Girl Scout Ashley stopped by CBS4 studios to talk about National Girl Scout Cookie Day, which isn’t just about sellingcookies — it’s also supposed to teach something as well.

Alabama’s Shelby County Reporter carries the message that on National Girl Scout Cookie Day, girls will ask cookie fans everywhere to buy more boxes in honor of the real purpose of the $790-million cookie program, which is to teach girls five essential life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics and people skills.

“When it comes to skill building, statistics show the Girl Scout Cookie Program works,” said Trish Coghlan, chief executive officer of the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama, which includes Shelby County. “According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 85 percent of Girl Scout ‘cookie entrepreneurs’ learn money management by developing budgets, taking cookie orders and handling customers’ money. Eighty-three percent build business ethics; 80 percent learn goal setting; 77 percent improve decision making; and 75 percent develop people skills.”

Olivia Ottenfeld, a Girl Scout from Chicago, Illinois, has a column in HUFFPOST TEEN titled, The Impact of Selling Girl Scout Cookies. “You could say that Girl Scouts is grooming me for my future,” says Ottenfeld. “I’ve been a Girl Scout for 10 years, and during this time I have met several older former Girl Scouts who all say their success was greatly due to their Girl Scout background and experiences.”

“By selling cookies, I have been able to work on my decision-making skills, which definitely were not the best (and are still a work in progress),”continues Ottenfeld. “Plus, my people skills have gotten a lot better. Nowadays, I feel as though I can approach anyone and ask if they are interested in buying cookies. That’s the thing: the Girl Scout Cookie Program is not really about the cookies, but about all of the life skills girls learn as part of the program. Many people don’t really understand that. That’s why we’re launching National Girl Scout Cookie Day on February 8.” Read the whole piece here!

Also, check out this awesome video for National Girl Scout Cookie Day

In Illinois, Naperville Community TV Channel 17 has a fantastic ramp-up to National Girl Scout Cookie Day. Cookie sales are the number one fundraiser for Girl Scouts, but for troop members Amanda Brennan and Katie Reed, it’s also a chance to get a taste at what it’s like to run a business. Girl Scouts are giving their cookie boxes an overhaul to highlight the real purpose of the $790-million cookie program, which is to teach girls five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics, and people skills.

Downtown Magazine NYC reports that National Girl Scout Cookie Day arrives on Friday, February 8, and people in New York City will be able to get their hands on some scrumptious sweets from sweetery trucks which will be placed in strategic locations all around the city.
Denver Post reports that Girl Scouts of Colorado will be giving away Girl Scout Cookies on their Facebook (www.facebook.com/girlscoutsofcolorado) and Twitter ( www.twitter/GSColo, #gscocookies) that day on National Girl Scout Cookie Day.
Colleen Walker, CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, and Girl Scout Gabby Gafford stopped by Good Morning Texas to discuss the five skills learned from the Girl Scout Cookie Program and National Girl Scout Cookie Day. Check out the video here.
The Times and Democrat in South Carolina reports that on National Girl Scout Cookie Day, Girl Scout councils will be working to remind the public what a cookie can do through PSAs, social media and video campaigns. Purchases of Girl Scout cookies go to benefit girls in your community. A box of cookies can go toward funding camp for inner-city children, cheering up soldiers overseas and helping girls learn the importance of managing money.
According to the Girl Scouts of Colorado, the nation’s going to be buzzing about Girl Scout Cookies on Friday, Feb. 8. In Colorado Girl Scouts are planning to hold Cookie Social Media Day on Feb. 8. There will be lots of fun taking place online, including your chance to win Girl Scout Cookies.
In Tennessee, the Bulletin Times reports that the new Girl Scout Cookie Box designs will be a focal point of the celebrations on National Girl Scout Cookie Day. Another highlight is a Girl Scout Cookies App available to help you locate your favorite cookie since all troops may not have all varieties available for purchase in your area.
Girl Scouts of Hawai’i reports that on this day we will celebrate Girl Scout Cookie time, teaching the community about the lifelong skills learned through selling cookies as well as spreading the word on how to purchase cookies. Girl Scouts of the USA is also planning a social media campaign.
According to the Jackson County Daily, troops in Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council will begin selling eight varieties of delicious Girl Scout cookies beginning Sunday, Jan. 13. Then on February 8, Girl Scouts everywhere will revel in National Girl Scout Cookie Day — a day designed to celebrate the Girl Scout Cookie Program — the largest girl-led business in the world — and the five life skills the program helps girls develop. Customers will have the power to find nearby cookie booths with help from the Official Girl Scouts of USA Cookie Locator app again this year. The free app helps iPhone and Android users locate cookie booths throughout the council’s 30 counties.

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