Meet our FTF vendors…

The buzz is all around Fort Wayne  in the media and on the streets for the sensational event…FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS!  The crowds keep returning to our Leadership & Learning Center each Friday to get a taste of a delectable lunch and tasty treats from the food truck vendors of Fort Wayne.  These trucks from the Fort Wayne Food Truck Association, our helping GSNI-M create more community awareness of Girl Scouts in the area, as well as, giving us the chance to reach out to many new people about the mission of Girl Scouts!  A great group of people to work with, we can’t thank them enough for such a job well done and satisfying many appetites to boot!

Show them some support & give them a shout on Facebook:  Affine, Bravas, The Getaway Grill, JumBy’s JoiNt, Ragin’ CajunSpicer’s and Whip&Chill.


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