I can’t wait to…

September is a month of new beginnings, when summer is winding down and young people are heading back to school. In Girl Scouting, of course, it also signals the start of a new year—some girls will take the first steps of their Girl Scout journey as Girl Scout Daisies, while others will start the final leg of their adventure as Girl Scout Ambassadors. And there will be girls everywhere in between. This time of year is all about anticipation—about the excitement of what is to come.

Our new recruitment campaign taps into that excitement and anticipation. The campaign is called “I can’t wait to,” and it’s all about those precious moments of youthful excitement a girl feels, whether she is excited about tomorrow’s field trip or looking forward to the big game next Saturday. Girl Scouts is very much a part of those moments, and our campaign is designed to convey to both girls and potential volunteers the fun and excitement of the Girl Scout experience.

However, we need your help in reaching girls and volunteers, so we ask that you spread the word about the greatness of Girl Scouting to everyone you know in your neighborhood or community. Invite your friends and family to go to the “I can’t wait to” webpage, where they can watch a short video on just how much fun they can have in Girl Scouting. Then encourage them to take the next step and become a Girl Scout or a volunteer.

Together, we can make sure that every girl has the opportunity to benefit from a wonderful Girl Scout experience.

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