GSNI-M Summer 2014 Community Parades

    GSNI-M is starting the process of planning for GSNI-M Summer 2014 Community Parades, and we’re reaching out to our Girl Scout Communities for help in determining what area parades to participate in! We are asking each community to nominate no more than three parades for GSNI-M staff participation and brand vehicle presence. With your nominations, we will compile our list of GSNI-M Summer 2014 Comm…unity Parades!
    Nominations are due by November 30th and should be sent to by the Community Coordinator (or to the Pathway Specialist-Support if you don’t have a Community Coordinator).
Please include as much of the following information that is available at the time
-Parade Name
-Fees involved
-Parade contact person and information for the parade
-Your GS Community plans to participate in the parade as a unit alongside the GSNI-M staff and brand vehicle.
Thanks for your input! Stay tuned to the GSNI-M Blog and social media for updates!

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