Apple Cider Century Bike Ride

The 40th Annual Apple Cider Century bike ride was held on Sunday, September 29th, in Three Oaks, MI.  Camp Soni Springs was again requested to host a SAG (Supplies and Gear) stop for over 2,000 registered riders.  Camp Soni Springs met the task and was selected by cyclists as the best SAG stop in the event.  The ride featured routes that ranged in distance from 12 to 100 miles, and had a total of 7 SAG stops.  Our guests raved at the beauty of our camp, and rightly so!

Riders enjoyed the food, sights, and sounds of cycling through this absolutely gorgeous area of our council.  Warren Dunes State Park, just a 20 minute bike ride from camp, has a dune formation that rises 260 feet above Lake Michigan and offers spectacular views and, weather permitting, sunsets that rival any in the world.

Girl Scout Troop 30204, site manager Don Evans and his wife Terry, along with Graham Honke, worked tirelessly throughout the day making potato soup, pouring apple cider, stocking apples, bananas, PB&J sandwiches, and nutritional bars for the riders.

If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty of this area of our council, and especially Camp Soni Springs, you’re truly missing a treasure so close to home!

And, if you haven’t heard, Camp Soni Springs has just received their State of Michigan Resident Camp license, allowing unlimited overnight camping!


Riders relax and refuel during their stop.                          Bikers drop their rides for rest and nourishment.


A bike repair tent was available at Camp Soni.                  Our volunteers serve potato soup and cider.

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