2014 Summer C.A.M.P. Director for Resident/Day Camp Announced

GSNI-M is proud to announce that Gaylene Sherman-Mertz, “Mom”, has been named the 2014 Summer C.A.M.P. Director for Resident Camp at Camp Ella J. Logan, and Day Camp at Camp Agnes S. McMillen. Gaylene developed her love of camp as a girl member for 12 years, and continued on with girl scouts as an adult volunteer for 12 years.  During her volunteer time with GSNI-M, “Mom” has served on staff at Camp Agnes S. McMillen as a counselor, as well as, an adventure and archery facilitator.  Gaylene is currently serving on a part-time basis for GSNI-M, where she is coordinating weekend activities at all of GSNI-M’s Outdoor Properties. “Mom” is looking forward to summer camp and hopes to see many campers there!  Don’t forget…2014 Summer C.A.M.P. registration is NOW open, click here to register!


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