IT’S COOKIE TIME at Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana – Michiana!

To our wonderful girl scouts and valuable volunteers…As we prepare to kick off the annual Product Program on Friday, January 10th…the snow has fallen, drifted, froze solid, and the temperatures have dropped. It’s a balmy -15 degrees at the Leadership & Learning Center in Fort Wayne, -25 degrees with the wind chill.

As we feel the excitement building throughout GSNI-M for another sensational and successful program, please bear with us during the current weather conditions.  A large majority of our twenty-two counties in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan are still under a weather advisory, with very limited travel.

Rest assured, our dedicated delivery providers are feverishly working to make all of our initial cookie product deliveries by Friday, January 10th, to our service centers and cookie cupboards. Cookies are arriving at the Fort Wayne Leadership & Learning Center, and at the South Bend Service Center, however, several localized cookie cupboard deliveries have been delayed. To avoid any inconvenience, please check with your local service center or cookie cupboard to make sure cookies are in stock and ready for pick-up, before you venture out.

Please note, on Wednesday, January 8th, Cookie Central at the Fort Wayne Leadership & Learning Center will be open from 1p to 7p, and Cookie Central at the South Bend Service Center will be open from 11a to 5p.  Cookie Central locations will resume regular hours, at both service centers, beginning Thursday, January 9th.  Please check with your local cookie cupboard for current hours of operation.

Remember…for this first weekend of Cookie 2014, please be considerate when picking up cookies and only take what you need, enabling everyone to pick up cookies and share the success!  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Connie Frederick, Product Pathway Manager, at 260.422.3417 ext. 130, at 800.283.4812 ext. 130, or

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