Mayor Dick Moore reading Proclamation to City Council

Silver Award Project to Memorialize Green Angel and help other Girl Scouts

On December 23rd, 2013, Lifelong Girl Scout and Leader Goldie Menges became a green angel. Goldie had been a mentor to the leaders and girls of Cadette Troop 10074, from St. Thomas school in Elkhart, IN.

The sad news of Goldie’s passing provided the inspiration for the troop to take action to ensure that Goldie’s legacy would live on.  They began to research the criteria and procedures to have a Mayoral proclamation dedicating a day in Goldies honor. After many weeks of research about how to obtain the proclamation and about Goldie’s life, the girls set a meeting with the City of Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore.

On February 25, 2014 the girls of Troop 10074 met with Mayor Moore and his staff. After presenting the Mayor with why they felt Goldie deserved the honor of having a day dedicated to her life. The Mayor agreed to make a proclamation dedicating March 12th as “Goldie Menges Day” in perpetuity.

At the March 3, 2014 City Council meeting on behalf of the girls of Troop 10074, Goldie’s granddaughters and grandson presented the City Council with the information presented to the Mayor by Troop 10074.

Following the presentation, Mayor Dick Moore shared a letter that Goldie has written to the leaders in Service Unit 601 (now part of Community #210) in 2010, because he felt that was the best way to tell the story of Goldie’s life in Girl Scouts. The Mayor then read the official Proclamation declaring March 12th as “Goldie Menges Day” in the city of Elkhart, in perpetuity.

Following the Mayoral Proclamation there was a standing ovation by the City Council Members and public in attendance.

The Girl’s in Troop 10074, plan to complete their Silver Award by establishing a camp scholarship.  The scholarship will be awarded based on needs, as well as merit. The Girls have decided that the Merit portion will be based on the 3C’s: Courage, Confidence, and Character, because Goldie embodied these three characteristics.

On Wednesday March 12, 2014, 1 6 P.M. Goldie’s family, and troop she helped found and lead until her passing, along with Troop #10074 will be holding a Promise/Friendship Circle at Roosevelt Elementary School in Elkhart, IN. During Goldie’s career she worked in Roosevelt as a leader with In School Scouting/Learning for Life, and all 3 of Goldie’s Children attended Roosevelt.

Goldie's grandchildren making presentation to City Council of Elkhart

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