St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown South Bend, IN. March 15, 2014

South Bend, IN. – On Saturday, March 15, Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana- Michiana made a huge splash at the St. Patricks’ Day Parade.  Approximately 60 girls showed up wearing Girl Scout green, carrying homemade signs, wearing festive beads, hats and a big smile! Signs had positive messages about courage, confidence and character along with troop numbers. The girls were full of energy and could not wait to get started walking. Once the group stepped off, Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana spread out as long as a whole city block! Between all the girls, our fantastic parent volunteers, a Girl Scout parade float decorated with a colorful rainbow of balloons and the GSNI-M Council vehicle, Girl Scouts were one of the biggest and most energetic entries in this year’s parade!

As the girls walked along the 6 block long parade route, they heard many cheers and clapping for what Girl Scouts represent. Many people yelled, “Girl Scouts Rock!” and “We love the Girl Scouts!”  All of the girls walked with pride. Girl Scouts were shaking hands of people standing at the curb and handing little children candy treats.  Before we knew it, the parade was over and the girls were thrilled to have been a part of a great South Bend tradition. I asked one Girl Scout if she would do it again. She asked, “can I do it again, next Saturday!?”



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