Allie Lumpkin

Local Girl Scout Organizes Eco-Friendly Festival

Eco-focus in upcoming festival

By Bob Ehle    Guest columnist  Pharos-Tribune

Allie Lumpkin

Today I get to go back to my days as a reporter and bring you very good news. It centers on a Galveston teenager, Allie Lumpkin, who was working on plans for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. She contacted me in late July, and came up with the idea of hosting a festival that encourages the community to be more eco-friendly.

She began to form her ideas, and decided to put together a Green Earth Festival that will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. April 12 at the Galveston Park. I applaud her efforts in organizing this event which will include a number of activities including a tree giveaway, family-friendly entertainment, educational booths, a youth art exhibit, along with various demonstrations for adults and the youth.

The Cass County Solid Waste Management District Board overwhelmingly voted to get involved with this effort, and to sponsor an R-Day, where paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass that had contained a food product will be collected. We will also host a medicine collection that day.

And with Allie’s encouraging, we also contacted our vendor for e-waste, RecycleForce, who also thought it would be a great idea to support this effort by having an electronics collection during the festival. So, residents can bring their TV’s and computers for recycling as well.

RecycleForce is a company that really cares not only about its employees, but also the environment and the communities it services. If you have a chance, go to their website and check out their story.

We are just pleased to be a small part of this community event that should be a lot of fun for the entire family. Allie has also set up a Facebook page for the Green Earth Festival that also contains information on a youth art contest and a small electronics collection which is currently under way.

Bob Ehle is executive director of the Cass County Solid Waste Management District.

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