Girl Scouts Earn Bronze By Lending A Hand To Ronald McDonald Family Room

It’s no secret that Girl Scouts are amazing young people.  But when they go above and beyond to help others and to leave the community in a little better shape than when they found it, as a rule rather than an exception, well then the word amazing almost seems like an understatement.  That’s exactly how one could describe the efforts of Girl Scout Junior Troop #30455 who saw a need for knitted and crocheted items at the Ronald McDonald Family Room (RMFR) in South Bend, at Memorial Hospital, and promptly took action, earning their Bronze award in the process.

The troop had ties with the Hubbard Hill Estates Knitting Group and started their quest to make a difference there.  As a result they were overwhelmed with support and a short while later were able to present an entire box of baby hats, beanies and blankets to the RMFR who received them with open arms.  This gave the girls an understanding for just how important these hats can be to families, eventually deciding to seek out 7 more knitting groups and counting, to help fulfill the Ronald McDonald Family Room’s need for these knitted items.

Troop leader Becky Phelan said, “we are incredibly proud of our troop for choosing such a unique take action project that will benefit so many people in our community.  Our hope is that we helped spread the word about the importance and high demand for these items.  It’s difficult to come up with a way to thank all of the groups who helped with this project presently, and in the future.  The RMFR served more than 3,000 families last year and It’s humbling to know that these knitted and crocheted items will become forever keepsakes for these families.”

A good portion of the materials used are donated by the likes of Busy Hands of Michiana, who went above and beyond to make sure the girls’ first donation was a significant one.  In addition Troop #30455 has voted to make monetary donations to the RMFR using money they earned from selling Girl Scout cookies.

Just as the Boy Scouts have the Eagle Award, Girls Scouts of America offer the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, the highest level of award available per age group, with the Gold award being the highest awarded achievement that any Girl Scout can earn.  One of the great opportunities for girls as Girl Scouts is to really “take action” and make a difference in the community and the world.  The Girl Scout Bronze award is based upon: building a team, exploring the community and assessing a need, choosing a project, making a plan, putting it in motion, and spreading the word.  All while being girl led.

Girls from Troop 30455 pose for a picture while touring the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Memorial Hospital in South Bend.

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