Treats n’ Reads Fall Product Program

We encourage all troops to join us for the Fall Treats n' Reads Product Program, it is great way for troops to:

  • Earn funds early in the year to pay for their activities, service projects, trips and more. Last year, troops averaged $178 in proceeds, with some troops earning more than $1,500
  • Grow the confidence, skills and financial competence of their Girl Scouts
  • Gain experience with the world of e-commerce as girls design and run their own online storefronts

The Fall Product Program is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, where girls gain hands-on practice with five skills linked to leadership and financial literacy: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Attend your community meeting & learn everything you need to know about this year's Treats n' Reads program!

Community Date Time Location
206, 207,208, 209 Sept 2 7:30pm Growing Kids SR 23
210 Sept 10 6:30pm Goshen Salvation Army
215 Sept 4 Noon Plymouth Public Library - Laramore Room
216 Sept 21 6:30pm Nye Cabin in Warsaw
217 Sept 8 7pm Tecumseh Library in Ft. Wayne
218 Sept 3 6:30pm Leadership & Learning Center in Ft. Wayne
222 Sept 8 8pm Peace Church
224 Sept 14 6pm Rochester Church of Christ; 120 E 5th St., Rochester
227 Sept 14 6:30pm Cafe of Hope; 900 E State St., Huntington, IN
229 Sept 8 5:30pm Bi-County in Bluffton