• Volunteering for Girl Scout Series & Events 
    • Required for all volunteers volunteering for the series and events pathways only.
    • Introduction to Girl Scouts.
    • Online learning. Password: volunteer
  • Getting Started
    • Required for new troop pathway volunteers.
    • Covers the nuts and bolts of starting a troop.
    • One on one or small group learning
  • Letting Girls Lead
    • Required for troop pathway volunteers.
    • Shares how to incorporate the 3 processes of girl led, learning by doing and cooperative learning into Girl Scout activities.
    • Includes conflict management.
    • Small group learning
  • Grade Level Basics
    • Prepares volunteers working directly with girls to effectively facilitate the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and introduces the Journey Resources.
    • Optional
    • Small group learning
  • Stepping Up
    • Introduces the next grade level to volunteers whose troops are bridging to next level.
    • Optional
    • Small group learning
  • Journey Learning 
    • A look inside the Journey resources.
    • Optional
    • Webinar or small group learning
  • First Aid/CPR  
    • Each troop should have a First Aid/CPR certified person.
  • Trip Planning Basics 
    • Required before the before the first field trip or overnight adventure.
    • Participants will discover that the planning process is as important as the trip itself. Information will be covered to help troops plan safe and enjoyable field trips, overnights, camping trips, hotel stays and extended travel.
    • Offered as a group session or as a downloadable home study course and learning log. Link to:
  • Outdoor Basics 
    • Required before the first camping, fire building or outdoor cooking experience.  Gain outdoor skills needed to provide a positive outdoor experience to girls.
    • Small group learning
  • Mega-Trainings
    • Extended learning events offering a variety of enrichments and required learning.
    • Offers opportunities for learning and networking with other volunteers.
    • Optional
  • Enrichment learning opportunities
    • Optional but highly encouraged. Includes a variety of topics essential to Girl Scouting.
    • Offered in a variety of options
  • A Day of Learning
    • Complete Girl Scout learning in one day
    • Covers required, outdoor, journeys, and enrichment trainings

Fort Wayne Leadership & Learning Center
10008 Dupont Circle Drive East
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
260-422-3417 or 800-283-4812
fax: 855-422-0084

South Bend Service Center
3620 Deahl Court
South Bend, IN 46628
574-273-3021 or 800-283-4812
fax: 855-422-0084

Dunbar Service Center at Camp Wildwood
303 East Clay Street
Logansport, IN 46947
574-722-4464 or 800-283-4812
fax: 855-422-0084