Friday, August 23rd

Spicer's Food Truck

Spicer Burger- 90% Lean Burger served on a Grilled Bun topped with Sweet Onion Bacon Marmalade, Stilton Cheese and Arugula. $8

Pork Tenderloin - Hand pounded Breaded served on a Grilled Bun topped with Pickle, Arugula, and Chive Aioli.  $8

Pulled Pork Sandwich - Smoked pork butt served on a grilled bun, and topped with fresh made cole slaw. $8

Hoosier Cuban Sandwich - Pork Tenderloin, Ham, Swiss, Pickle, Onion, Mustard and Mayo, all served on a Grilled Bun. $8

Meat Ball Sub - $8

All above sandwiches can be upgraded to a Combo (Sandwich, Fries, Soda or Water) for $11

Hummus with Pita Points - Fresh made Hummus topped with fresh tomato basil relish and parmesan served with grilled pita points. $6

Hand Cut Fries - $3

Girl Scout Peanut Butter Pattie Dessert

Spicer Fries - (topped with Sweet Onion Bacon Marmalade and Stilton Cheese) $5

Lunch Combo (any sandwich with fries and a soda or water) $11