Destinations are travel adventures, which range from two days to three weeks and are for all Girl Scouts ages 11–17, whisk you to the far corners of the Earth. You’ll meet remarkable girls, develop leadership skills, gain confidence, and enjoy valuable learning opportunities. You will have the most awesome, outrageous, unforgettable trip of your life! Applications are due to the council by Friday, November 4, 2011.

Explore the possibilities by visiting:
Goodwill Service Project
It’s back!  Goodwill Industries provides jobs, training, and placement services for people with barriers to employment.  One of the ways they do this is through donations to their Goodwill stores.  Girls Scouts will again team up with Goodwill to collect items to be donated to any Goodwill store or drop box.   This project begins October 9 and runs through November 19.  More info about this project will be on soon!
New Ways to Volunteer
The 4-12 team has a lot of exciting new ways for adults to volunteer and work with tweens and teens. Know someone who would be interested in leading a 6 week series?  Love to travel and think it would be fun to take a group of girls to see the world?  Enjoy planning events?  We have opportunities for you.  For more information contact Brooke at or 800-283-4812, ext. 303.
Recycle Rama
It’s back and better than ever!  March 24th will be the third edition of Recycle Rama and we need your assistance to make it AMAZING.  There are a couple of ways that you can help!

  • Hosting a booth is a great opportunity to help out – troops, groups, and individuals are needed to lead fun activities. You can create your own project or activities OR lead an activity that is preplanned.
  • Collecting Materials is another great way to help (the list is always being updated)!  We are currently in need of:
    • Juice Pouches
    • Tank Tops with wide straps
    • Pringles Cans
    • Plastic Gift Cards
    • 2 Liter Plastic Bottles
    • CDs

We are ending the 2011 Girl Scout year with At least 12,000 girls served!
The Year of the Girl officially begins!

As the school year begins, we have one goal in mind: share our 100th year of Girl Scouting with as many girls as we can!

  • Goal: 14,700
  • Troop by Troop
  • Event by Event
  • Camp by Camp
  • Series by Series
  • Adventure by Adventure
  • Pathway by Pathway

The Troop Pathway Membership Team will be working side by side with the administrative volunteers to recruit and retain as many girls and adults as possible. 

Please keep a look out for exciting news as we move forward to ensure that girls have the opportunity to participate in Girl Scout Leadership Experiences!