Project: Woods Woman Adventure

Brief Summary of Project:

My project was teaching women of all ages to learn outdoor skills so they would feel more comfortable and confident when they are in nature and at the same time help promote the Lagrange County Parks Department. When I asked the Parks Department what one of their biggest needs was they responded with they would like to see the parks being used more often. So I came up with the event, Woods Woman Adventure. I had five stations plus a registration table. My stations were teaching girls the skills of building a campfire, cooking over a campfire, tent pitching, canoeing and fishing. Every station explained how to do the task and safety rules of the task.

Benefits of the project:

I think the biggest benefit my project provided to others in the community was just introducing Pine Knob County Park to the community. My project was very successful because I had several people mention that they didn't even know that the amenities of Pine Knob were available for them to use. Even though canoes are not kept on site as a part of the amenities, people now know that they can bring a canoe or boat to the park and use the lake and all the kids I talked to said that they loved the events especially the fishing and canoeing and want to use the park for more cooking over the fire with their parents.

What did you learn about yourself as a result of this project?

This project taught me that I can take charge When I need to. It was different for me because as a young lady I'm usually the one looking to someone to tell me what to do, but in this case the roles were switched and it was definitely a different experience for me. Another thing I learned is that I have to have more patience with others when I am in charge. When you're the one accountable for everyone else you have to stay calm, answer their questions and figure out the best solutions to everyone's problems or situations.

What was the most successful aspect of your project?

My goal was by far accomplished. In the survey comments more than one person said they learned something new. My goal was for everyone to learn one thing during my event and that did happen. For me, having people learn a new skill was the most successful thing because that was the whole purpose of the project as well as promoting the parks department. I feel I accomplished both of those goals with my event. It was awesome to see younger children having a blast. I watched a young child help build a campfire and their eyes just lit up when they accomplished making the fire. So to put the thought in their head of, yes, nature is fun, and, yes, even I can come out here with my parents and have fun together is a very successful outcome in my mind.