Project: Shoedrive for Soles4Souls

Brief Summary of Project:

I worked most of the summer at Camp Chief Little Turtle; because of this, I used the camp as a base of operations: collecting shoes and organizing my efforts from there. Before the start of camp, I provided basic information about myself and my project (the shoe drive) to attending troops. During opening campfire on Sunday evenings, I would introduce myself and my project and ask the attending scouters to donate any extra pairs of shoes they had, or to ask family members to donate if they attended family night. In addition to shoes, I also received offers to ship shoes from leaders, which were appreciated. Intermittently throughout the summer, I would count and box up the shoes. After the summer, I invited fellow staff members as well as my Girl Scout Troop to my house to me finish packaging the shoes for drop off at the Defiance, Ohio location for Soles4Souls. After the shoes are donated, they will be sorted and sent around the world to person in need.

Benefits of the project:

Every pair of shoes that I collected will be sent out around the world to different countries. Depending on the use of the shoes, they could be sent to Russia, South Africa, or even New York City. For the person who receives the pair, it could be the first pair of shoes they've ever had, making it very special for them to have something to wear to protect their feet.

What did you learn about yourself as a result of this project?

By having to talk and explain my project and what the results of it would be, I learned that I am able to answer question spur of the moment to completely explain what was asked. I also learned how to organize other people to help me achieve a goal, and how to keep people motivated throughout the project so I had a good support base.

What was the most successful aspect of your project?

I think that seeing the way people react to a need when it is put in front of them and they are provided with an option to help fix this problem. I enjoyed seeing the pile of donated shoes grow every week, and the comments I received from leaders and scouts alike made me feel really good about the entire project.