Short and Snappys are designed as short little activities (usually 10-15 minutes in length) to do at service unit meetings, troop meetings, or other gatherings. They can be led by learning facilitators or any interested volunteer.


Short & Snappy Questionnaire
To receive credit for completing a Short & Snappy on your own, submit this questionnaire.

10 Common Girl Scout Forms – Learn how to complete 10 common Girl Scout forms.

An Overview of Adult Recognitions 2013 – Share the basics of the Adult recognition program from the awards available, to how to apply for them to writing endorsement letters.

Being Inclusive During the Holidays-Getting to know what holiday traditions your group of girls have can make the difference in how you approach the holidays with them.

Conflict Resolution: Why Can’t We Just Get Along?
Volunteers who work with girls face many challenges. Girls come from different backgrounds and have a variety of interests and abilities. Occasionally conflict may emerge. A troop leader must manage the differences among the troop members while maintaining the troop’s interest in the activities.  By the end of this session, you will be able to implement basic conflict resolution tools to diffuse conflict between girls.

Four Player Model – Leadership Styles- Before Girl Scout volunteers begin to guide girls to lead, they may benefit from exploring their own leadership styles.

Girls Guide to Girl Scouting in 20 Minutes – A 20 minute power point overview of the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting.
Girls Guide to Girl Scouting in 30 Minutes – A 30 minute power point overview of the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting.

Girl Scout Birthday Quiz– Test your knowledge of Girl Scout history.
How to Get Started with Adult Recognitions– Ever wonder where to begin in deciding who to nominate for an adult recognition?
Introduction to the Girl Scout Program– Become familiar with the GSLE and how Journeys and the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting fit in to the Girl Scout program.

Journey Series Award Overview- This Short & Snappy offers a quick overview of the awards available with each Journey.

Rededication Ceremony- Girl Scout ceremonies recognize accomplishments, pass on traditions, and reinforce the values of the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The Rededication Ceremony allows girls and adults to rededicate themselves to the Girl Scouts.

SWAPS– Do you know what SWAPS stand for or why they are important to Girl Scouts around the world?

Take Action Made Simple– This power point explains the Take Action key of the GSLE.

The GSLE using Car Metaphor- The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) is the foundation of the Girl Scout program.  This Short & Snappy helps explain the importance of the GSLE using a car and video game metaphor.

Writing Effective Adult Award Endorsement Letters- The Adult Award nomination form and attached endorsement letters are very important in the adult recognition nomination process.  They may be all the award committee has to go on to make an informed decision to accept the nomination. Make your letters count!

How to Have a Successful Cookie Booth

My Promise, My Faith Pin
Girl Scouts of the USA is proud to introduce the My Promise, My Faith (MPMF) pin. This award complements existing religious recognitions and allows all girls to further strengthen the connection between their faith and Girl Scouts.

5 Skills for Girls
Selling Girl Scout cookies has always been about more than just raising funds for troop activities. That is why it is called the Girl Scout Cookie program. Girls "earn and learn" while participating in the program. Girls learn skills in goal setting, decision making, money managment, people skills and business ethics that they can use now and later in life.

Girl Scout Pathways
This Short & Snappy explains the six Girl Scout Pathways and how girls and adults can participate in any or all of them.

Creative Sit-Upons
Sit-Upons have been a long tradition of Girl Scouts. What is a sit-upon? For the uninformed-it is an insulated and (usually) waterproof pad, often homemade, used to protect the user's backside from the cold and damp while "sitting upon" the ground! Share a variety of ways to make a sit-upon.

Diversity - Valuing Differences
Sometimes our behaviors, biases and preconceptions prevent us from fully connecting with those around us. This Short & Snappy provides two activities to encourage volunteers to think about how we acknowledge differences amoung our peers. You may choose to facilitate one or both activities. These activities are also great to do with girls.

Diversity - Being Inclusive
Sometimes our behaviors, biases and preconceptions prevent us from fully connecting with those around us. This Short & Snappy provides an activity that encourages volunteers to think about the impact of non-verbal communication. This activity is also great to do with girls.

Building Family Support 4Her
Learn effective ways to build family support for your troop. This is an overview of the Building Family Support 4Her program. The full learning resource can be found here.

Engaging Girls in STEM
Discover how you can introduce girls of every age to science, technology, engineering, and math.

Group Finance Reporting
Learn helpful tips on managing financial forms and procedures

Social Media and the Girl Scout Law
Many Girl Scout communities and troops use social media to share information with its members. As you are connecting through social media keep in mind what you say online makes a permanent impact on you, your social network and Girl Scouts. Follow the Girl Scout Law for social media etiquette.

Tips & Advice for the Multi-Level Troop
Having a multi-level troop can offer some benefits to Girl Scouts but also might come with a few challenges.  Learn tips and advice for leading multi-level troops.

Girl Scout Year Calendar

Money Earning for Higher Awards
One of the challenges facing every girl going for her Bronze, Silver or Gold Award is financial planning. The rules and regulations associated with money-earning can often be confusing.  The following is designed to clear up some common misconceptions about money-earning.