How is Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana funded?
GSNI-M receives funding from United Ways; grants, corporate and individual donors; special events; and the Girl Scout product sales.
How can I donate?
Click here to donate online or send your donation to any one of our service centers in Fort Wayne, Logansport, or South Bend.
What is the Family Partnership Campaign?
The Family Partnership Campaign is a way for adults, volunteers, and parents to show their belief in and support of Girl Scouting by making a financial contribution.
How much of the $15 membership fee stays in this council?
Not a penny of the annual registration fee goes to the council.  The annual fee goes to our national organization, GSUSA, to cover costs such as insurance for each registered Girl Scout.
Do the nuts and cookies I buy fund Girl Scout programs?
Both the Girl Scout Cookie Sales and Fall Product Sales Programs are designed to teach girls valuable life skills such as responsibility, honesty, money and time management, goal setting and planning, teamwork and communication.
Nut and cookie sales are an important part of funding some of our programming, but they are only a portion of the funding needed to support a council of over 11,500 members.  Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana rely on the donations and gifts of United Ways, United Funds, and foundations, as well as individual and corporate donors working together in the name of Girl Scouts.  Without the gifts and donations of supporters, Girl Scouting would not survive. 
Why is my purchase of Girl Scout Cookies® not considered a donation?
The products sold are considered an exchange of goods and the fair market value of these items is not tax-deductible.