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**FULL* Spring Challenge

Tue Mar 24, 12:00 AM - Fri Apr 10, 10:00 PM EST
At Home!
Tue Mar 24, 12:00 AM - Fri May 22, 10:00 PM EST
Girl Fee:
Maximum Attendance:

Do you have a girl at home with time on her hands and energy to spare? The GSNI-M Spring Challenge to the rescue! Complete at least 10 of the activities on the list below to earn a custom fun patch, which will be mailed to participants after it's created. (This could take four to six weeks, so please be patient.) Included are indoor and outdoor options perfect for these days that girls may be spending away from school and troop friends.

Take the challenge! Have a blast! Earn a cool new patch!

Patches will be mailed to participants' homes, so when you register, be sure to include complete and accurate mailing information. Registration fee includes the patch and postage.

Indoor Activities
• Build a fort
• Make up a dance
• Write a story
• Write a poem
• Play the lava game
• Build a Rube Goldberg contraption
• Play hide and seek
• Build an obstacle course
• Make an origami animal
• Do a word search
• Make a friendship bracelet
• Bake cookies (with supervision)
• Make slime
• Make homemade flour dough
• Make a house of cards
• Learn a new card game
• Play a board game
• Have a tea party
• Make ice cream in a bag
• Do a puzzle
• Color
• Paint a kindness rock
• Put on a play
• Make a movie

Outdoor Activities
• Jump rope
• Make a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk
• Play hopscotch
• Bird watch
• Take a family walk
• Build a bird feeder
• Create a scavenger hunt
• Make a s’more (with supervision)
• Play basketball
• Play catch
• Check out the clouds in the sky
• Stargaze
• Play on a swing set
• Blow bubbles
• Toss a Frisbee
• Help wash a car (with supervision)
• Ride a bike
• Go for a run with your family
• Pitch a tent
• Play with a hula hoop
• Have a backyard picnic
• Fly a kite
• Read a book under a shady tree
• Draw an outdoor picture