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Super Patch Program

Do you have a Super Troop?  Are you an IRM (Juliette) that goes all in on your Girl Scout experience?  You could earn a Super Patch!!  

The Super Patch Program is for troops and individual members who want a great Girl Scout experience.  Here’s the scoop:

Complete the activities listed on the Checklist.  Submit your Checklist and Evaluation forms to GSNIM to earn a super cool patch. Troops and IRMs will be listed on our website and featured on our Facebook page as completing the Super Patch Program. Every member who earns the patch will have an opportunity to purchase a specially designed patch!  Check out the information below and go have a SUPER year!

Power of One

IRM Program


Super Starter

For new troops

Super Troop

For experienced troops


These Troops Have Earned this Distinction

Troop 00271, SU209, C/S/A – Nicole Wiles

Troop 52127, SU217, B - Linda South

Troop 50632, SU230, B/J - Debbie Ward

Troop 51024, SU207, B/J - Jamie Barrier

Troop 30448, SU215, D - Vickie Blair

Troop 53121, SU215, B - Vickie Blair