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Troop 20499

Troop Number

What was the troop's favorite Badge/ Journey/ Patch that they completed? Why?
Our troop has enjoyed many badges & journeys through the years. One journey that sticks out is the 3 Cheers for Animals journey, when the girls were Daisies, for a couple of reasons:

1) It had to do with animals, and who doesn't love learning about animals?
2) At the end of the journey, they shared what they learned with an Animal Fair at our school. Everyone made informational posters and brought in their pets. We had so many animals in our school's cafeteria; everything from snakes, hamsters, turtles and mice, to dogs of every shape & size! The girls and their guests loved it.

As the girls got older, they enjoyed any badge that had to do with food. When they were Cadettes, they had a lot of fun working on the New Cuisines badge. They each made a dish from a different country. We had a wide array of foods, and had so much fun trying each one.

During their final year as a troop, we had a cooking competition where they could only use the same 5 ingredients and make a dish that the leaders would taste test and vote on. Their 5 randomly chosen ingredients were: bread, onions, chocolate chips, eggs, and Frosted Flakes. It was a huge mess, but the girls had a blast. The winner received a "Best Whisk Taker" chicken shaped trophy, and they all got a "Best Whisk Taker" fun patch. Fun memories for sure!


What was the best field trip/ event the troop attended? What made it stand out?
We were blessed to have been able to go on many field and troop trips over the years. Our first memorable trip was to Splash Universe in Shipshewana. We rented hotel rooms and let the girls play at the indoor water park to their little hearts' content for two days. They had sooo much fun!

Our next memorable trip would be to Hocking Hills, OH. We stayed in a VRBO rental home that had tons of beds, a huge kitchen, and a hot tub outside. We went on an edible hike, where the hiking guide taught us all about the plants in the area and told us which ones could be eaten and let the girls try some. Plus, the area is so pretty over there and we had a great time hiking to all of the scenic spots like the Rock House.

Our last troop trip was to southern Indiana. We stayed in a cabin on the Ohio River. Every morning, we would eat our breakfast and watch the barges and other ships sail the water. It was amazing, especially since we were near some curvy areas in the river. When you see the ships you think There's no way they can make that turn! We also did some really fun outings while we were there, including a sunset dinner cruise on the Belle riverboat in Louisville, riding the rides at Holiday World, and visiting the Wilstem Wildlife Animal Park. So many special moments and fun times together. We are going to miss these days.


What is your fondest/ wackiest/ most memorable moment in Girl Scouts?
Oh man, there are too many to count. After thirteen years as their troop leader, there are a lot of memories and precious moments that I will always treasure. One thing that is priceless to me is the fact that I was able to experience so many wonderful moments - both big and small - with my daughter. I wouldn't trade that for anything. And, not only that, I was blessed to be a part of these girls' lives for such a long time, that they will always hold a special place in my heart - even the girls who were only in the troop for a short while. "Once you are a part of troop 20499, you will always be a part of troop 20499."

Anything you would like to say to the girls as they move from the troop out into the world?
As you start this new chapter of your lives, remember all the lessons you learned in Girl Scouts - be brave, strong, courageous, help others, be kind and caring, and be confident that you know and have all that you need to go follow your dreams. You are all amazing young ladies. There is nothing that can stop you if you put your mind to it. Remember that I will always be cheering you on, wishing you all the best in whatever you pursue in life.

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other gold." xoxo

Any quick advice for your fellow volunteers?
Hang in there! Is being a GS leader/volunteer frustrating? Maddening sometimes? Stressful? Umm, yep. Bu it is so rewarding to watch those little girls grow and blossom into beautiful young ladies, ready to take on the world!

- Angela, Troop Leader