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Staff Directory

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Sharon PohlyChief Executive Officer1-800-283-4812 ex 127
Jill La FountainDirector of Advancement1-800-283-4812 ex 313
Ruth StrawserDirector of Brand & Strategy Management1-800-283-4812 ex 118
Teena Weathersby-HamptonDirector of Mission Delivery Operations1-800-283-4812 ex 132
Theresa BradyExecutive Office Manager1-800-283-4812 ex 127
Nanette YardeDirector of Program & Property1-800-283-4812 ex 133


Kathy VenderleyPart-Time Administrative Assistant1-800-283-4812 ex 125
Chris MyersSpecial Projects1-800-283-4812 ex 131


Sandi PontiusCorporate Fund Development Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 320
Maggie EmenhiserGrants Administrator1-800-283-4812 ex 107


Andrea LeonardAccounting Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 115

Girl Experience

Christine GoshertOutdoor Program Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 142
Marcia KirlinProgram Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 135
Tami NelsonSTE(A)M Coordinator1-800-283-4812 ex 322

Member Support

Amy TrevinoMember Support Supervisor1-800-283-4812 ex 324
Angela BohnePart Time Retail Associate1-800-283-4812 ex 111
Rachael CaslowManager of Member Services1-800-283-4812 ex 149
Pamela SavageSalesforce Administrator1-800-283-4812 ex 145
Kristine EmmersonMember Support Associate1-800-283-4812 ex 147
Luanne DoanMember Support Associate1-800-283-4812 ex 303

Membership Recruitment

Scott HermanceManager of Membership Recruitment1-800-283-4812 ex 155
Shelly FaithOutside Sales Recruiter1-800-283-4812 ex 154
Bryan AponteInside Sales Recruiter1-800-283-4812 ex 146
Amy KanouseOutside Sales Recruiter1-800-283-4812 ex 316
Val KobeljaInside Sales Recruiter1-800-283-4812 ex 152


Gloria MayberryOutreach Supervisor/Troop Support Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 306

Product Program

Connie FrederickProduct Program Supervisor1-800-283-4812 ex 130
Chelsea WilsonProduct Program Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 319


Don EvansCamp Soni Springs Site Manager269-744-4246
Jeff KelsheimerCamp Ella J. Logan Site Manager574-457-2841
John FreyCamp Agnes S. McMillen Site Manager260-637-6279
Tom HonkeProperties Supervisor260-466-8623

Volunteer and Troop Support

Abby SchoonaertTroop Support Supervisor1-800-283-4812 ex 311
Jean OrcuttTroop Support Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 315
Jill FreyManager of Volunteer and Troop Support1-800-283-4812 ex 122
Stephanie McCueVolunteer Relations Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 502
Tammy SavageTroop Support Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 123
Shalon ScheaTroop Support Specialist1-800-283-4812 ex 101