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Patch Programs


Outrun the Sun

Did you know that your skin is your largest and fastest-growing organ? It’s important to take care of your skin by protecting it from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and indoor tanning beds. Over-exposure to UV radiation can cause skin cancer, the most prevalent cancer in America. Learn how to stay sun-safe through this program created by Outrun the Sun. Patches cost $2 each plus tax and are available for purchase at the Council Stores. Click here to view the curriculum: Use the password OTSGSSSP.


Solar United Neighbors

Learn all about solar energy! Girls will discover how solar works, connect solar energy with their lives, community, and the planet; and take action on what they’ve learned to use solar energy as a renewable and pollution-free resource. Note: The activities and information contained in this patch program are targeted toward Brownies through Ambassadors. Find out more by clicking here.


Delta Dental Smile Squad Patch

Learn about the importance of good oral health and its impact on overall health. This program features science experiments, children’s books, field trip projects, and more! Find out how your girls can get involved in this STEM-focused, literacy-based program. 


Mental Health Awareness

Girls can learn more about mental health and earn a Mental Health Awareness patch with this program. Some topics they’ll explore include how the brain impacts mental health, the challenges those with mental-health conditions often face, and how to help combat the stigma of mental illness. Look into this important subject with your girls. 


Indiana Department of Natural Resources Hoosier Quest

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers three patches: Discover, Challenge, and Explore. Find out more about these outdoor patch programs that make up the Hoosier Quest. 


Donate Life

Girl Scouts have the opportunity to change lives and impact the world in meaningful ways. The Donate Life Patch Program is an opportunity for Girl Scouts to learn about how the meaningful donation of organ, eye and tissue donation gives people a second chance at life.


A Heaping Helping of Health

Karen Brandt designed this patch program about healthy eating for her Gold Award project. Since childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States, Karen decided she would create a program to teach other Girl Scouts how to eat healthily. Once your troop completes the workshop, you’re encouraged to share what you’ve learned about healthy cooking with others in your community! Please see page 3 for instructions on ordering this patch after completing the program.


Girl Coders 

Created by a Gold Award Girl Scout Caroline Zeng, Girl Coders is a nonprofit organization that combats the gender gap by offering entry-level coding activities that encourage girls to experience STEM in positive, empowering ways. Through coding workshops that troops arrange, Girl Scouts of all levels can earn a variety of free patches. Girl coding workshops provide girls with meaningful hands-on activities. Girls will learn to code and code to learn. Check out to learn more about hosting a troop workshop and earning fun patches.


Michigan Heritage Patch Program

How much do you know about the states that make up our council? Complete activities like learning about the Michigan State Parks, celebrating an important day in Michigan, and even making an art piece all about Michigan to learn more about the state. When finished, you'll earn a Michigan fun patch! Find the requirements here.


Indiana Heritage Patch Program

How much do you know about the states that make up our council? Learn stories about real Indiana women, a song or game about Indiana, and fun historical facts like when Indiana became a state or how Indiana got its name. When you've completed the activities, you'll earn an Indiana fun patch! Find the requirements here.

Clowning Around Patch Program

You've probably seen clowns in movies or at the fair, but how much do you know about clowns and their history? To earn this patch you'll learn clown history, the different types of clowns, the career of clowning, and even experiment with clown costumes and makeup. Clowning Around can be fun for girls of all age levels! Check it out here.