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Cheddar Up

GSNI-M has partnered with Cheddar Up to make collecting money easier for troop leaders and Service Units!

Through Cheddar Up, volunteers enjoy:

· Online payments: Collect payments through credit/debit or online check transactions. Don’t worry – you also have the ability to keep track of offline payments, like cash, too.

· Tracking: Cheddar Up keeps track of payment information, which you can quickly export to Excel.

· Forms: Going on a trip or planning a SU event? You can also have parents or troop leaders submit an online form along with their payment.

· Security: Safely transfer funds to your group’s bank account.

What about fees? There is not a fee for the group to collect money. The fees are paid by the person paying the group (3.5% +$0.45 per debit/credit transaction and $0.45 per online check transaction).

Groups can certainly opt to absorb these fees as part of the event costs.

Quick Video Tutorial:

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