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Stay Connected

Stay in-the-know with GSNI-M! 

Here are all the ways we communicate with you as a caregiver and/or volunteer:

  • First Sunday of the Month—Troop Leader Newsletter will come to your e-mail.
  • Third Sunday of the Month—Event Newsletter e-mail goes out to all members.
  • Local Community GS Groups for Troop Leaders —Every troop is in a service unit, and most service units have their own Facebook or BAND App, the leaders meet together, and often send emails too!  If you are a troop leader and need help connecting with your service unit, contact our Answer Center at 800-283-4812, then press 0, or
  • Our Website - You’re on it! Upcoming events, forms, trainings, camp information, and much more can be found here.
  • Mailings — We even love to send things the old fashioned way, right to your regular mailbox. Sometimes we mail camp info, paper newsletters, and we are fans of a postcard too.




Having Gmail Issues?


Do you have a Gmail account?  Are you having problems receiving emails from GSNI-M?  Here’s the solution!

1) At the top of your email screen in the "search mail" box, enter "gsnim"
2) Click on an email from
3) There will be 3 vertical dots on the right side of the screen, select those and choose "filter messages like this" from the drop down menu
4) In the "From" field, type "gsnim"
5) Make sure all other fields are blank (To, Subject, Has the Words, Size) and click "Create Filter"
6) Checkmark the boxes for "Star it", "Always Mark Important", and "Categorize" as "Primary"
7) Click "Create Filter"

You may want to repeat steps 4-7 for the word "wufoo", which is the email tied to the online forms we have you complete for product permission slips, volunteer agreement forms, various surveys, etc.