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Getting Started for the New Troop Leader
  • This guide, Getting Started for the New Troop Leader, will help you start with your new Girl Scout troop! It contains information every Girl Scout leader needs to know - gaining parent support, planning first meetings, troop basics, registering members, program and resources, troop finances and management, and tips to get organized!
  • Girl Scouting 101, a super awesome and interactive introduction to Girl Scouts, and an essential for all volunteers.
Proficiency Badges and Journeys (PB&J)
  • Essential for all troop pathway volunteers
  • Learn how the proficiency badges found in the Girls' Guide to Girl Scouting and the Journey activities work together to provide the full benefits of the Girl Scout program.
  • In-person session (register online below)
Volunteer Toolkit

Learn how to use this amazing tool and how it will make your role as a troop leader easier. We will look at creating year plans, managing the troop meeting calendar, working with troop meeting plans and more.

Grade Level Learning
  • Essential for all troop pathway volunteers
  • Learn detailed information for your specific grade level
  • Online home study or in-person session
Trip Planning Basics
  • Essential before the first field trip or overnight adventure.
  • Participants will discover that the planning process is as important as the trip itself. Information will be covered to help troops plan safe and enjoyable field trips, overnights, camping trips, hotel stays and extended travel.
  • Offered as a in-person session or as a downloadable home study guide and learning log.
Outdoor Basics
  • Required before the first camping, fire building, or outdoor cooking experience.  Gain outdoor skills needed to provide a positive outdoor experience to girls.
  • In-person learning (register online below)
First Aid/CPR
  • Each troop should have a First Aid/CPR certified person.
Training Events/Conferences
  • Extended learning events offering a variety of enrichments and required learning.
  • Offers opportunities for learning and networking with other volunteers.
  • Optional
Building Family Support
Short & Snappys
Troop Finances


Sign up for any in-person learning opportunities by going to our Activity List to find the link or more details.