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Troop 30299

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"We have recently graduated from New Prairie HS and embarking into the world with all our education, values, and life skills learned through school and scouting. Three out of the four of us, have been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten: Grace Jones, Katie James, & Kennedy Shipley. Eira Schmidt has been in since 1st grade.

Through the early years of elementary school K-5th grade, our Troop has had as many as 24 members in one year. Once we were in 6th grade at our middle school, our Core 4 girls remained.

Our Troop has completed our Bronze Award in 5th grade by taking up a Pet Food Drive for the community food pantry of New Carlisle. In addition we volunteered at a local animal shelter and completed GS badges that related to our award.

Then in 7th grade our Troop completed our Silver Award by building a Memorial Garden in front of the American Legion’s Post #297. Our thoughts were to honor the US military service members, past & present with a variety of blooming flowers. Especially the red poppies, that bloom late May.

We completed our Take Action Project in 8th grade with the anticipation of doing a Gold Award. Unfortunately COVID19 impacted our ability to gather as a Troop for two years, but as high school became more consuming of our time, we made a point to gather when we could. Girl Scout Sisters forever!"

- Deborah, Troop Leader