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Troop 30770

Troop Number

How many years have you been with the girls?

What was the troop's favorite Badge/ Journey/ Patch that they completed? Why?
They had fun as Juniors doing the Journey that talked about stereotypes. I apologize, I don’t remember the name. They did a play, made and used props, and really learned quite a bit about the subject.

What was the best field trip/ event the troop attended? What made it stand out?
They always throughly enjoyed hosting the He and She dance over the years. Seeing the little girls reaction to all their hard work made them proud of themselves.

What is your fondest/ wackiest/ most memorable moment in Girl Scouts?
One time we were preparing food for a Tasting Tea and the blender caught on fire. They thought that was hilarious and still talk about it.

Anything you would like to say to the girls as they move from the troop out into the world?
Just be and do you girls. I am proud to have been their Leader. You are all going to go far and do good things.

Any quick advice for your fellow volunteers?
Don’t be hard in yourself, just do the best you can. The girls just want to have fun and be helpful. They don’t need you to make everything perfect.

- Angela, Troop Leader