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What was your favorite Badge/ Journey/ Patch that you completed? Why?
My favorite journey that I completed was the "Sisterhood" journey. My troop put together an etiquette day where we invited younger girl scouts and their families to a meal, teaching them how to have proper etiquette. This journey was fun because I was able to help younger girls learn some new skills and feel more confident in said skills.

What was the best Field Trip or Event you attended? What made it stand out?
The best field trip I attended was at Pokageon state park. We went hiking on the trails they have there and got ice cream afterward. This trip stood out to me as memorable because we had a lot of fun getting lost in the forest and having to discover our way back. We had to work together as a team to make executive decisions and problem solve.

What is your silliest/ craziest/ most memorable moment you had in Girl Scouts?
One of my most memorable memories I've had in Girl Scouts is my Silver Award project. We made trails in the woods at our Girl Scout Cabin for other troops to use for different outings. This was memorable because we worked together for hours clearing brush and trees, and we also found a grapevine in one of the trees and had a lot of fun swinging from it.

You're moving on! What skills did you learn that will help you in the future?
I learned a lot about leadership in the 12 years I have been in Girl Scouts. I have had many opportunities to act as a leader over the years, both for younger Girl Scouts and girls in my own troop.

Any quick advice for our younger Girl Scouts?
Try as many thing as you can, and you are capable of being an amazing leader.