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Molly & Rylie

Troop Number

"Hi! I wanted to share something really cool that our two oldest girls did this month:

As part of Troop FriendSHIP, Molly and Rylie used cookie money to go on a cruise to St Kitts & St Thomas, met their pen pal (and so many other girls) from the Girl Guides of St Kitts, and earned the WAGGGS International Friendship badge! They did beach clean up in St Thomas and earned the United Nations Ocean Challenge badge, met other Girl Scouts from all around the country, and even bridged on the ship! The girls LOVED being recognized by other passengers while wearing their vests, going (rubber) duck hunting all around the ship, swimming in the Carribean, attending all kinds of performances on the ship, shopping, playing, and trying new things. It was an unforgettable experience! It definitely has piqued their interest and they're already talking about more world travel (and moreTroop FriendSHIP cruises)!

- Jennifer, Troop Leader