Fall Program

Fall leaves, plus snacks and magazines, please!

Fall Product is on sale from September 29 to October 29, 2023. Resources for the Fall Product Program are accessible below for girls, families, and volunteers.

Please contact us at (800) 283-4812 or email frontdesk@gsnim.org for questions and assistance. Additional support can be found at support.gsnutsandmags.com or by calling (800) 372-8520.

Participating in the Fall Product Program, also called the Snacks & Magazines Program, offers an excellent learning opportunity for girls. It aids in developing crucial skills while fostering connections with friends and family.

Girl Scouts can personalize their involvement in the program, choosing from various options such as online magazine sales, online snack sales, and in-person snack sales. They even have the option to create their own online storefront for an e-commerce experience. This convenient program involves a single order and delivery of snack items. Magazine deliveries are made directly to the customer.

For customers residing outside the area, there's an option to have orders delivered directly to their doorstep! They'll simply cover shipping costs. 

The funds generated through this Fall Program can be utilized for troop activities, including Take Action projects, badge-earning events, enjoyable outings, and more. Participating in this program also equips Girl Scouts and troops for success in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Looking for where to buy?

To place an order, reach out to your favorite Girl Scout today! 

Don’t know a Girl Scout? Email us at iwantsnacks@gsnim.org and we’ll ask a Girl Scout to reach out to you via email. Don’t wait! Our program ends October 29, 2023.